902 || New Telugu Thriller Short Film || Silly Shots || Silly Monks

902 | New Telugu Thriller Short Film | Sajir Valiyedath | Silly Shots | Silly Monks

A story revolves around a girl named Shilpa, incidents happening in her life due to her blindness, trust, and misunderstanding.

Cast Details:
Ashkar Ali As Sajir Ali
Fathima Zenat As Shilpa Nair
Tariq Ashrf As Inspector Vijay Kumar
Salmon Punnackal As Shabeer
Praveen Menon as Dr. Roy
Sajir Valiyedath As Ghost Hunter
NandhuAs Dr, Siddharth

Directed By Sajir Valiyedath
Produced by RK Productions
Associate – Sajir Film Factory
Story by Nijas Valiyedath
Screenplay Nijas Valiyedath & Sajir Valiyedath
DOP – Bipin Abraham
Editor – Sarath Kumar
Music- Atherya
Dialogues (Telugu) – Rehman
VFX- Netaji Ashokan
Production Consultant – Sheebish
Production Support – BAM Studios
Light – Shabeer
Driver – Arif

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